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Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4 / The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Langfassung (1994)

Verfasst: Mo 18. Jun 2018, 00:18
von workprints
Laut IMDB ist diese Langfassung nur auf der japanischen Laserdisc und der kanadischen DVD enthalten:

...The longer uncut version differs from the shorter Next Generationversion in the following other ways:
- Said to take place in 1994, not 1996\
- Matthew McConaughey\'s name is misspelled in the closing credits
- There is an early scene in which Jenny\'s stepfather barges into her room, threatens her and slams her against the wall
- There is more dialogue between Barry and Heather in the car
- Most scenes and shots throughout the movie are longer (cut for time in other versions)
- The towtruck scene is NOT intercut with Jenny, Heather, & Barry leaving Darla\'s office
- Jenny and Darla have a longer conversation in the bathroom
- Music and sound effects are almost entirely different
- The scene with Jenny escaping the house at dawn is tinted blue; the following scene with the motorhome and the towtruck is tinted orange.