Der Vortrag von Dr. Loomis:

Loomis ist in der KF im off zu hören, beim WP sieht man ihn.

Loomis: "These eyes will deceive you. They will destroy you. They will take from you your innocence..your pride...and eventually your soul."

Workprint Kinofassung

Dieser Teil fehlt beim WP:

Loomis: "Behind these eyes one finds only blackness, the absence of light."

KF+WP Alternatives Material

Loomis: "A perfect storm, if you will."

Workprint Kinofassung

Dieser Teil fehlt in der KF:

Loomis: "Thus creating a psychopath that knows no boundaries..and has no boundaries. A term that better describes Michael - is pure evil."




Loomis, Morgan und der Anstaltsdirektor reden über Michaels Ausbruch.

75 sec

Loomis: "This is all your fault. I mean, you're responsible."

Morgan: "I cannot be responsible for everything that goes on in here."

Loomis: "What about you?"

Direktor: "No, no, no, no. You're not pinning this on me. He was your patient, Doctor."

Loomis: "Was my patient. Look, all you guys had to do was to play zoo-keeper. Just keep the monkeyhouse locked until the monkey died of old age. How difficult is that?"

Morgan: "But if our security wasn't sufficient, Sammy, you should have warned us."

Loomis: "I warned everyone! No one listened"

Direktor: "Christ, you can barely tell he's breathing half the time. He's been like a comatose kitty for 15 years."

Morgan: "No one could have predicted this. No one!"

Loomis: "I see. So you're just going to wash your hands of the whole thing. You know, you two make me sick."

Loomis geht zur Tür.

Loomis: "He is mad that trusts in the tameness of a wolf."




Loomis diskutiert mit dem Sheriff in seinem Büro. Dieser Teil des Gesprächs ist nur im WP:

Loomis: "You have to stop thinking that we are dealing with a normal man here. We're dealing with a souless killing machine, driven by pure animal instinct."


Im WP und in der KF enthalten, jedoch mit unterschiedlicher Kameraeinstellung:

Sheriff: "Dr. Loomis, I'm going to have to level with you. I read your book."

Workprint Kinofassung

Sheriff: "I know exactly who you are, and frankly, I don't like you."

Workprint Kinofassung

Sheriff: "And I'll tell you something else."

Workprint Kinofassung

Nur im WP:

Loomis: "I'am sure you will!"


Wieder fehlt ein Teil des Gesprächs nachdem der Sheriff: "Mosters sell books!" sagt.

11 sec

Loomis: "Look, that's a hell of an accusation. How dare you say that? Look, I'am soory...let's start again."




Der Sheriff setzt seine Brille auf. Alternative Kameraeinstellung

Workprint Kinofassung



Loomis: "When I first met him, he was a sweet, charming little boy. But he had nothing inside. There was something missing a void. There was no conscience, no reason"




Der Sheriff sagt zu Loomis das er absolut ehrlich zu ihm sein soll.

In der KF fehlt Loomis' Antwort: "Absolutely, I understand!"



Fehlt im WP: Nachdem der Sheriff niemanden am Telefon erwischt hat, steht er auf und sagt zu Lommis: "Let's go!"